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Charming apartments IN Heidelberg & Ludwigshafen

Do you know these furnished apartments which give the impression that time has stopped somewhere between the 1970s and the 90s? Or these apartments that make you think you are in the showroom of a furniture store? Apartments that look contemporary indeed, but somehow always stay at a distance and you do not “warm up” with?


With our fully furnished apartments in Heidelberg and Ludwigshafen, we intend to offer you a place where you can feel comfortable. A piece of home, a piece of "Heimat" for you in a new and yet unknown environment. "Heimat" – a typical German word with no really suitable translation into other languages. Heimat has a wide range of meanings. It may be, for example, a place of origin, an emotional state, social ties or the opposite of feeling like a stranger.


We have fully equipped the apartments with much love for detail – in such a way that we would also like to live therein and would feel comfortable and at home. None of the apartments looks like another; each one has its own individual style.


"Fully furnished" really means completely furnished: from sofa to bed linen, towels, dishes, shopping bags and umbrellas up to the alarm clock. A suitcase with your personal belongings – that's all you need.


Have a virtual visit here on our website. We are also pleased to show you your favourite apartment at a personal meeting on site. We look forward to your inquiry!

Heidelberg flat: idyllic garden view

80 sqm, 2 rooms


2.490 €

Heidelberg flat: modern & sunny

74 sqm, 2 rooms


2.590 €

Ludwigshafen flat: historic charme

83 sqm, 3 rooms

rent (plus gas/electricity):

from 1.700 €